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Outstanding items

Community Council News
COVID-19 Unused swings Roseburn Park (c) Helen Barbour

The Community Council has continued to consider a range of items while unable to meet. A document summarising these can be downloaded below. They include:

  • COVID-19 related campaigns
  • A new planning application for 37 Corstorphine Road
  • On-going concerns about 9 Kinellan Road
  • Proposed Ellersly Road improvements
  • and more

Trading on old Coltbridge

Community Council News
Planters on the Old Coltbridge (c) John Yellowlees

According to the minute of 25 February 2020:

"At the Chairman ‘s invitation John McNeill, Senior Public Safety Officer, City of Edinburgh Council, spoke about the serious concern and many complaints which had been voiced over the issue of a street trader’s licence for the sale of Christmas trees on the Old Coltbridge in November/December 2019. He confirmed that that there is no procedure for objecting to the issue of a temporary licence, which

Quaich Project

Community Council News
D Ellis (c) John Yellowlees

We were delighted to welcome David Ellis at our 25 February meeting to hear about progress on the Quaich Project.  According to the minutes of 25 February 2020:

"D Ellis explained that The Quaich Project is a partnership between the Council and the Ross Development Trust, the charitable trust set up about five years ago by Norman Springford and himself to utilise a gift of £5m from Norman Springford to replace the dilapidated Ross

37 Corstorphine Road revisited: neighbourhood consultation (12 March 5.30pm - 8pm)

Community Council News
37 Corstorphine Road development site. (c) John Yellowlees

According to the minutes of 25 February 2020:

"A Orr invited participation in a neighbourhood consultation on the revised proposals to be held in Murrayfield Parish Church Centre on 12 March between 5.30 pm and 8 pm."


"[The Scottish Government Reporter had] refused the appeal and in so doing had upheld two of the Committee’s points:-

  1. The objection by SEPA with regard to flooding risk, and
  2. The extent to which the rear garden

Overgrown vegetation

Community Council News
City of Edinburgh Council banner on the subect of overgrown vegetation (c) John Yellowlees

A perennial of Community Council agendas...

The City Council are currently alerting people to the issue, and we've included in useful downloads below a form of words to help residents alert each other to the problem.

Alarms in the water

Community Council News
Gordon McOmish and Baird Grove resident at 14 Jan 2020 Meeting (c) John Yellowlees.

Fascinating discussion with Gordon McOmish, City of Edinburgh Council Flood Prevention team leader, at our 14 January meeting. Details of how the Water of Leith is monitored, how his team works, who is on standby, the flood prevention limits of the reservoirs, how climate change may have altered the effectiveness of the new flood prevention scheme, and more, can all be found in the Minutes of 14 January 2020.

The sequoia of Kinellan Road

Community Council News
Sequoia as seen from loch at Kinellan Road. (c) John Yellowlees.

According to the minutes of 14 January 2020: "Following withdrawal of the original application for a development of 19 houses at 9 Kinellan Road, a modified proposal is anticipated but has not yet appeared.  The Planning Department has refused to make a Tree Preservation Order on the sequoia adjacent to the site...  Unauthorised tree work was once again observed at 9 Kinellan Road on 30 November, and a notice of suspected breach of planning regulations was submitted.