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Lighting it up

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Andrea Jardin plays violin on the Old Colt Bridge (c) N Oldroyd

A non-crowd of all ages rejoiced, and Andrea Jardin played on, as the Old Colt Bridge Christmas Tree lights were switched on at the beginning of December. Roseburn Primary pupils did the tree decorations, and the decorations on the bridge were done by St George’s junior school. The tree and decorations will be up until new year.  The original plans were to have carol singing, mulled wine and mince pies, and maybe Santa Claus, but

Roseburn Primary & Nursery School to decorate Coltbridge tree

Community Council News
Roseburn Primary school announcement

Roseburn Primary School reports:

"The pupils of Roseburn Primary and Nursery are delighted to be have been invited to decorate the Murrayfield Community Council Christmas Tree!

Work is already underway in classes to create individual decorations which we know will be enjoyed by the wider community!

Our theme is 'Care, Keep Connected and Celebrate' - one which we feel values the sense of community we all share.

Our decorations will be based on circles -

Micro-project ideas sought

Community Council News
Plaque on Old Coltbridge celebrating the Coltbridge Canter (c) J Yellowlees August 2014

Over the years Murrayfield Community Council has facilitated the funding of various small but worthwhile community projects, including restoration of entrance pillars at Roseburn Cliff and Abinger Gardens, a plaque at the Old Colt Bridge and a tree-bench in Roseburn Park.

Community Councils themselves have very modest budgets but sometimes there are small surpluses which can be used for small items. In order to create a pipeline of these for implementation as funding permits, please

Bus lane camera to issue warnings from 23 November 2020

Community Council News
Bus lane camera Corstorphine Road. J Yellowlees 13 Nov 2020

According to Gavin Sherriff | Senior Transport Team Leader – Parking Operations, City of Edinburgh Council:

"As you may know, the Council is introducing five new bus lane enforcement cameras around Edinburgh. One of these locations is on Corstorphine Road, monitoring traffic travelling east towards the city centre, and is located in advance of the Murrayfield Gardens junction within your Community Council boundary.

The camera will go live and begin to issue warning notices from

Blue Sky at Xmas

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Christmas Tree on the Old Coltbridge (c) Nikki Oldroyd

On the Old Colt Bridge, last year's noisy electricity generator has been replaced by a Christmas tree! Decorations are due (nearer the time...)

Image Credit: (c) N Oldroyd

Closing to comments 30 September 2020: Roseburn Path to Fountainbridge Link (Foot/Cycle)

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Plan view Roseburn to Fountainbridge foot/cycle way improvements. (c) City of Edinburgh Council / HarrisonStevens

The planning application for these upgrades (from Russel Road to Fountainbridge) closes for comments on 30 September 2020. It is available for comment on the City Council's planning portal here: 20/03561/FUL

Image credit: Roseburn to Union Canal Path Link, Design & Access Statement,  August 2020, (c) City of Edinburgh Council / HarrisonStevens

Corstorphine Community Centre Seeks New Chair Person

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Corstorphine Community Centre advert for a new chair person

Want to contribute to an amazing local endeavour?

Corstorphine Community Centre is looking for a new Chair Person for its management committee. The advert can be downloaded below and all the details are at http://www.corstorphinecommunitycentre.org.uk/ .

According to Shula Allan:

"Corstorphine Community Centre (CCC) is recruiting for a chairperson, as Tommy Maclean is retiring at this years AGM, to be held later this month... we are trying to get as wide circulation possible within CCC’s