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Most Bashed Bridge

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Rail bridge over Balgreen Road. (c) J Yellowlees 30 January 2020

On 30 January a vehicle carrying a crane struck the Balgreen bridge, which carries the main railways to Glasgow and Fife across Balgreen Road, and rail traffic had to be halted while the bridge was inspected to ensure that there had been no damage. The train worst affected, the 0921 Edinburgh Waverley to Dunblane, was held up for 88 minutes, and terminated at Linlithgow.

The bridge is one of the most bashed in Scotland according

Pansy Walk Allotments Campaign Supporters Sought

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Murrayfield Community Council and Gorgie-Dalry Community Council are exploring the possibility of a campaign to re-institute allotments on a former allotment site near Pansy Walk, that has most recently been used as a site for the storage of tram rails. There is a possibility that the City Council might view it as a housing opportunity. But there is noise arising from proximity to the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway and a shortage of allotments citywide. If

Kinellan Road application withdrawn again

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Photo of site of 9 Kinellan Road (c) John Yellowlees

Residents of West Murrayfield Conservation Area and the broader Murrayfield community applauded the decision of the Rockshiel Trust to withdraw its second (2020) planning application for residential development on the ecologically sensitive heritage site at 9 Kinellan Road.

It is, of course, possible (some think likely) that a new proposal will be submitted at a later date, as happened following withdrawal of the original (2019) application.

In the meantime, Murrayfield Community Council is urging City

Telephone mast on Corstorphine Road objections

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Image of site plan for telephone mast Corstorphine Road  (c) WHP Telecomms / Hutchison 3G

Murrayfield Community Council is one of 35+ objectors to a proposed installation of telecom apparatus on the public pavement at the north side of Corstorphine Road  near Beechwood Mains. Our grounds are that the apparatus would be a road safety hazard, would degrade skyline views and would be adjacent to a listed historic monument. You can see and comment on the application online, with planning application reference 20/04512/PA: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/planning-applications-1/view-comment-planning-applications

The site plan for the mast

Peploe Plaque

Community Council News
Mike Stevens and Ron Smith outside 7 Devon Place, Dec 2020 (c) JYellowless JMcDonaugh

At its meeting on 15 December MCC decided to take forward the possibility of a plaque, suggested by the Donaldson Area Amenity Association, for 7 Devon Place, which was previously the site of a former schoolhouse that served as an early studio for post-impressionist painter Samuel John Peploe (1871-1935), the most successful of the four members of the influential group known as the Scottish Colourists.

Seen here are DAAA Chair Mike Stevens and Ron Smith

... and the Band Played On

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St George's School cello ensemble on the Old Colt Bridge. (c) Heather Raeburn

Undeterred by the pandemic, three Upper School students from St George's School formed a cello trio (wind instruments presently disallowed), rehearsed independently each week since the start of term, performed at their carol service, and on 14 December... played the Old Colt Bridge!

Thanks to the trio on behalf of numerous delighted onlookers.

Image credit: (c) H. Raeburn

See also: Lighting it up

Lighting it up

Community Council News
Andrea Jardin plays violin on the Old Colt Bridge (c) N Oldroyd

A non-crowd of all ages rejoiced, and Andrea Jardin played on, as the Old Colt Bridge Christmas Tree lights were switched on at the beginning of December. Roseburn Primary pupils did the tree decorations, and the decorations on the bridge were done by St George’s junior school. The tree and decorations will be up until new year.  The original plans were to have carol singing, mulled wine and mince pies, and maybe Santa Claus, but

Roseburn Primary & Nursery School to decorate Coltbridge tree

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Roseburn Primary school announcement

Roseburn Primary School reports:

"The pupils of Roseburn Primary and Nursery are delighted to be have been invited to decorate the Murrayfield Community Council Christmas Tree!

Work is already underway in classes to create individual decorations which we know will be enjoyed by the wider community!

Our theme is 'Care, Keep Connected and Celebrate' - one which we feel values the sense of community we all share.

Our decorations will be based on circles -