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Update on Roseburn CCWELL Roadworks

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Roseburn wraparound CCWELL

Henry Whaley

Update on CCWEL provided to Murrayfieldcc by the Council on the roadworks in Roseburn.

"As you will be aware there have been some delays to work on Roseburn Terrace. This was due to finding asbestos under the pavement by the Roseburn Bar, damage to cellar ceilings and a corroded gas main. We needed to repair all of this before work could continue.

The repairs have now been completed and we are making progress with upgrading the pavement on the south side of Roseburn Terrace. We have considered the impact of these delays on our overall work and would like to make you aware of some changes over the coming months.

Vehicle Access on Roseburn Terrace:

We are working to re-introduce vehicular access to Roseburn Terrace as soon as possible. A loading and parking bay will be provided on the south side of the street from the week commencing the 23rd of May. From this time on loading will be maintained on the south side of the street for the remainder of the works.

Changes to our work programme in Roseburn

Our current work on the south side of Roseburn Terrace will be complete by the 6th of June. We are very aware of concerns from local businesses about the impact of the work on their trade and we are keen to minimise disruption caused by the remaining work as far as possible. In order to minimise disruption throughout the busy summer months we plan to stop work on the majority of Roseburn Terrace from the 6th of June until the start of September.

During summer we will instead focus our work on West Coates, Roseburn Street, Russell Road, Murrayfield Gardens, Murrayfield Avenue and Roseburn Gardens. During this time there will be vehicle access for loading on both sides of Roseburn Terrace and the majority of the barriers will be removed. The banned right turn into Roseburn Street will remain in place.

During Autumn we will return to working on Roseburn Terrace and will construct the cycleway and footway improvements on the north side of the street between September and December, though loading will remain available on the south side of Roseburn Terrace throughout this time.

This information will be circulated, along with an updated map showing our where we will be working when, to all businesses on Roseburn Terrace by the end of this week.

In summary:

loading will be available on the south side of Roseburn Terrace from the week commencing 23rd May most work on Roseburn Terrace will stop over summer, restarting in September

the new loading and parking bay on Roseburn Terrace will remain in use throughout the rest of the works, including throughout autumn"