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See useful downloads below for Handicab's flyers. According to Fundraising Officer laura.kearney@handicabs.org.uk:

"HcL Transport has been providing these services for 36 years now. We provide over 80,000 passenger journeys to people with mobility issues. That is an average of 1,600 passengers a week. Edinburgh accounts for 53% of these journeys. Our services are:

Dial-A-Ride provides a door-through-door transport service for people with limited mobility who are unable to use ordinary buses and/or suffering a degree of social exclusion due to a range of factors. Journeys are varied – to medical appointments, meet friends, visit family, to the shops, cinema or theatre, to Waverley or Edinburgh Airport.

Dial-A-Bus provides transport from home to local shopping centres for people with limited mobility who cannot manage by ordinary bus. The Service operates at least once a week from most areas in Edinburgh taking passengers to shops and supermarkets including The Gyle; Cameron Toll; Tesco in Colinton and Corstorphine; Sainsburys in Blackhall and Cameron Toll; Morrisons on Ferry Road, Hunters Tryst and Moredun. We also take passengers from Midlothian to these Edinburgh shops and supermarkets. The drivers not only help passengers on and off the bus, but take their shopping from their trolley onto the bus and then off the bus and into their home.

Hopefully the Community Council is aware of our services and how they can be of assistance to your community. "

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