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TOR decision made

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Local resident holding placard

The Development Management Sub Committee (DMSC) of Edinburgh City Council met today, 9th January, with power to grant, refuse or continue consideration of planning applications. The focus of the meeting for Murrayfield Community Council (MCC) and local residents alike was the proposed development of Tor, 30 Corstorphine Road. This is an important site containing Grade B listed buildings within the West Murrayfield Conservation Area. The Chief Planning Officer had issued a Report recommending GRANT, which MCC strenuously opposed.

The DMSC are to be congratulated on the decision to allow a Hearing as requested by Cllrs Gloyer, Douglas and Ross, ensuring that all interested parties have the opportunity to make their case publicly in an open and transparent manner.

MCC see this as a positive step towards the protection of our listed buildings and conservation areas.  We welcome sympathetic development that protects and revitalises old buildings for future generations to enjoy, while preserving the essential character of the area. However, this particular development plan proposes removal of 24 trees, including fine mature specimens of tulip tree, cedar of Lebanon and weeping ash.  A high quality Corsican pine is marked for felling for no better reason than to make room for a parking space.  Proposed new planting will not compensate for these losses for at least 50 years.

Today saw MCC, local residents and councillors come together to defend our area against inappropriate development, thus highlighting the success of people power as we saw recently when planning applications for Pinkhill and Osborne Terrace were refused.