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Roseburn Park Walking Guide

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Map of Roseburn Park used in walking guide. (c) Hamish Ross

Friends of Roseburn Park have published a walking guide for the park, written by the amazing Rosie Bell: http://www.friendsofroseburnpark.org.uk/2021/04/25/launch-of-new-walking-guide-for-roseburn-park/

You can also download the guide for free from their website's history page.

It's amazing how much there is to this small piece of green space.

The route is estimated to be 35-40 minutes, but you could spend longer in the area by combining it with Rosie's other tour, of Coltbridge and Roseburn, which can be downloaded from our website here.


Image credit: (c) Hamish Ross / Friends of Roseburn Park SCIO [SC044659]