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Roseburn-Haymarket CCWEL work to begin 7 Feb 2022 for rest of year

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Map of planned 2022 CCWEL works Roseburn to Haymarket (c) City of Edinburgh Council

Road, pavement and cycleway works and resurfacing from Roseburn to Haymarket can be expected throughout 2022, with effects on pedestrians, traffic flow, parking, loading and some waste services. The works are for the City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL) Project and are due to begin on 7 February 2022. (The current works on Roseburn Terrace are by CityFibre)

Details can be found here: Home – City Centre West to East Link (edinburgh.gov.uk) and the recent public information leaflet can be found under Useful Downloads below. The latter appears to show work commencing in Kew Terrace and carrying on throughout the Roseburn area for the rest of the year.

According to a recent briefing, among a range of temporary measures to permit works in Roseburn Terrace, at some point right turns from Roseburn Terrace into Roseburn Street / Russel Gardens will be banned, loading Bays will pop up on Roseburn Gardens, Roseburn Street, and the north side of the Coltbridge & Wester Coates Terrace, and some bin collection points will move to side streets.

See the information leaflet under Useful Downloads below for project contact details.

For some of the history of CCWEL in the Roseburn area, try typing 'CCWEL' into the searchbox on this website, or visit the project website at http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/ccwel/.

Image credit: (c) City of Edinburgh Council