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Qualified support for revised TOR planning application

Community Council News
Photo of 30 Corstorphine Road (former Tor nursing home) site. (c) John Yellowlees

According to mins of 5 Nov 19 (quoted here):

"Tor, 30 Corstorphine Road – [J.Forbes] had circulated draft comments on the developer’s new planning application and the deadline for submission was the following day. MCC’s comments amount to qualified support for the revised proposals. He regarded these as a major victory for the combined efforts of the residents of Westerlea, MCC and the three local Councillors. He thanked [specific residents] of Westerlea for their input to his draft. He felt continued opposition by MCC could result in the developer pulling out and the property befalling a similar fate to Beechmount [planning application for conversion to what is effectively a hostel]. 

[A resident of Westerlea] said that the Westerlea residents would take a slightly harder line against the revised proposals because they felt that the listed building site was still not adequately respected. Two of his neighbours had requested that MCC’s draft omit “significantly” in relation to the reduction in building height, which they estimated at 8%. J Forbes felt that a reduction of one storey must be more than 8%, but was happy to agree to the request. Subject to that amendment, his draft comments were approved for submission [download file below]"


Murrayfield CC objecting to 30 Corstorphine Road ... 

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