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Micro-project ideas sought

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Plaque on Old Coltbridge celebrating the Coltbridge Canter (c) J Yellowlees August 2014

Over the years Murrayfield Community Council has facilitated the funding of various small but worthwhile community projects, including restoration of entrance pillars at Roseburn Cliff and Abinger Gardens, a plaque at the Old Colt Bridge and a tree-bench in Roseburn Park.

Community Councils themselves have very modest budgets but sometimes there are small surpluses which can be used for small items. In order to create a pipeline of these for implementation as funding permits, please could any ideas, estimated to cost up to approximately £250, be sent to  secretary@murrayfieldcc.org.uk

There is no end-date for this process, but ideas received by 8 December will be considered at MCC’s next meeting on the 15th.

Image credits: (c) J Yellowlees