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Managing floodgates at Baird Grove

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Photo lof ocal residents, Community Council and City Council Officers at Baird Grove floodgate 8 Nov 2019
Photo of Baird Grove floodgate 8 Nov 2019

A meeting with Council Flood Prevention Officers, local residents, Community Councillors and Cllr Gloyer took place following our mins of 5 Nov 19 (quoted here):

"Cllr Douglas had copied Cllr Gloyer into email correspondence with the Chairman but no progress had been made with regard to the floodgate at Baird Grove. A resident of Baird Grove, who had attended previous MCC meetings again expressed his and his neighbours’ concern about the Council’s failure to respond to their request to keep the floodgate in place permanently or raise it before a dangerous level of water is reached.

R Beavis suggested that an amber weather warning should be the trigger for raising the floodgate. The same resident requested a meeting with the Council on site and the Chairman undertook that, if a site meeting were arranged, someone from MCC would attend."