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Andrea Jardin plays violin on the Old Colt Bridge (c) N Oldroyd
Christmas tree on Old Coltbridge (c) N Oldroyd

A non-crowd of all ages rejoiced, and Andrea Jardin played on, as the Old Colt Bridge Christmas Tree lights were switched on at the beginning of December. Roseburn Primary pupils did the tree decorations, and the decorations on the bridge were done by St George’s junior school. The tree and decorations will be up until new year.  The original plans were to have carol singing, mulled wine and mince pies, and maybe Santa Claus, but Covid put a stop to that! We plan on doing all this and more next year. Thanks to all involved, including Heather Raeburn, Nikki Oldroyd and Jim McDonagh. 


Image credits: (c)  N Oldroyd