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Corstorphine/Murrayfield City Council By-Election Local Hustings Report 28 Feb 2023

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Candidates at the hustings (c) J Forbes
Audience at the hustings (c) JMcDonaugh

The hustings meeting was organised by Murrayfield Community Council at Murrayfield Parish Church Centre's Main Hall. It was attended by about 50 members of the public. All candidates for the 9 March 2023 by-election were present except the SNP candidate. They answered pre-submitted questions that were drawn from a box at random. Phyllis Stephen from the Edinburgh Reporter was present and her report can be found here: https://theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2023/03/corstorphine-murrayfield-by-election-murrayfield-hustings/

Questions picked at random and put to the seven candidates present were (in this order) :

  • What previous experience do you have in connections to local issues, and what can you push forward with if elected?
  • Can we do anything about the feeding of birds which is encouraging rats?
  • The speed of bicycles in the park is a problem. What can be done?
  • What are your views on the proposed tram extension which will bisect the Roseburn Path? 
  • Would you support the CCWEL being extended to Corstorphine, and should the Corstorphine shops be treated like the Roseburn ones?
  • What will you do to enforce and preserve single-sex provisions for carers, sporting facilities, toilets within the ward?

One intervention by a member of the public, in response to final question.

Questions not reached were (in random order):

  • Do women deserve to have social groups and support groups free from all males in this area?
  • Can the candidates say what are your policies on Council tax increases, outsourcing Council services, compulsory redundancies of Council workers?
  • Are you for or against turning old railway cycle path into tram line?
  • Political engagement with voters?
  • Are you considering innovative ways to get funding for your projects?
  • What should Edinburgh Council's priorities be among walkers, cyclists and users of public transport?
  • How does each candidate plan to ensure safety on cycle-lane, women and children feel unsafe using this?
  • Do you live locally - how long have you been in the area and what are locals saying about pressing issues?
  • Bin hubs are a gross invasion of privacy!
  • How would you make change in the Council especially for independents who would not be able to sit on committees?
  • To the SNP candidate, do you agree with the SNP Group's abstention from voting on the Roseburn traders' petition for compensation?
  • Do you live in the ward?
  • Do you support the new traffic management in Roseburn?
  • Fiona (Lib Dem candidate) - please detail your qualified NHS years worked - when did you last have an NHS paid role, and what was it?

Image credits: (c) J Forbes, J McDonaugh