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37 Corstorphine Road revisited: neighbourhood consultation (12 March 5.30pm - 8pm)

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37 Corstorphine Road development site. (c) John Yellowlees

According to the minutes of 25 February 2020:

"A Orr invited participation in a neighbourhood consultation on the revised proposals to be held in Murrayfield Parish Church Centre on 12 March between 5.30 pm and 8 pm."


"[The Scottish Government Reporter had] refused the appeal and in so doing had upheld two of the Committee’s points:-

  1. The objection by SEPA with regard to flooding risk, and
  2. The extent to which the rear garden of 39 Corstorphine Road would be overlooked by the new building.

A Orr informed the meeting that the developer’s new planning application addresses these points as follows:-

  1. The height of the building remains the same but internally the floors have been “concertina’d up” so that the ground floor is now 440 mm above the flood defence wall, and
  2. On the third storey the windows facing west have been removed and the terrace has been cut back to prevent access to the roof at that point. On the first and second floors the windows have been reduced in size and fitted with louvres. The owner of 39 has been informed of these changes.


He confirmed that, as the new planning application has not yet been submitted, the deadline for objections has not been set, but he expected it to be after the next MCC meeting on 7 April.

The Chairman commented that J Forbes, who deals with planning matters for MCC, but was currently away, had intimated that he was disappointed that the Reporter had not upheld MCC’s objections that the proposal damaged the historic character of the surrounding area and that the developer’s claims with regard to communal green space were not borne out by the plans. The Reporter had agreed with the Planning Committee that Roseburn Park could be counted as communal green space. A Orr stated that the proposal complies with Planning Guidance."

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